How to protect Google Chrome Browser with password

Now a days internet is everywhere, and people can surf the net using various browsers like Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Out of all the browsers existing, Chrome and Firefox are widely used.

If you are the only user of your computer, then no need to worry about browsing history,settings and all, but if it is a shared system you need to take necessary precautions to keep your private data safe.One way to protect your settings and stuff is by protecting your browser with a password. Unfortunately no browser will provide a setting to lock your browser with a password.

In this article, we describe a procedure and an extension using which you can protect your browsing history and other private information by setting password to your browser.


ChromePW is an extension for chrome users to protect their browsers from others.It allows the users to lock the browser with password.

How to Setup Password Protection to Chrome Browser?

Step 1: Download and install ChromePW extension. You can download ChromePW from below Link.


Step 2: Once the installation is complete, it displays a message as shown below indicating that the installation was successful. Before using it you need to make some configurations. Click on OK to move to ChromePW setup.

Step 3: To make ChromePW extension work on Incognito mode, you need to tick the check-box as shown below.

Step 4: Now it moves you to another window that contains FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) related to improving the security of the browsers along with the answers. If you want you can save all those FAQ's and answers. If you are not using a Windows Operation System, then select the appropriate Operating System from the drop down as shown below.

Step 5: Once selecting Operating System is completed, click on Next and you will see Extension security settings. It has 4 widgets and each of them have some settings.

Step 6: Now, type the password twice as shown below and you can also enter a hint word, which would be helpful in case, when you forgot your password. Click on Save to turn on Password Protection. You can set automatic lock for your browser, so that it will automatically lock your browser with the password protection.

Step 7: You should enable security mode so that it protects Chromepw extension from being terminated by the task manager.

Step 8: You can also block websites from this extension and you can reset this extension settings and password by clicking on Reset button.

If you have any problems while installing this application, please leave a comment below.


How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games & Browsers

Ads are the most distracting things for most of the internet surfers.Most of these ads are irrelevant to many people. Recently, ads started to appear even on smartphones and tablets not while surfing the net but also while playing games and using some apps.There are so many extensions available for the users to block ads on android apps, Ad Block Plus is one of the most popular extension that is available for android users.

In previous post, we have written an article on downloading play store apps on pc. In this post we try to explain two methods to block ads on android apps,games and browser.

How to Block Ads on Android apps, games and Browser?

We have a trick that is used to block ads in windows Operating system and we can use the same trick on Android smartphones too, that is hosts file trick.

Step 1: We have collected some websites which shows ads on android apps, games and saved them in one text file, you need to download that text file.

DOWNLOAD | Hosts file

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded, you should change the file name to hosts.

Note: If you don't change the file name, then this trick will not work!

Step 3: Once the file name is changed, transfer that file to android system folder.Inside system folder, navigate to /etc folder and then paste the hosts file that contains list of websites that show ads on android apps and games.

Step 4: Now, rename the file name from hosts.txt to hosts.bak because there would be one hosts file already in that directory. 

Instead of renaming the file, you can just copy all the websites from hosts file and paste the websites list in your smartphone system hosts file which is in /system/etc folder.

Note: To paste the hosts file you should have the administrative rights, if the above trick doesn't work then you need to root your android mobile. If you don't know how to root an android phone, then you can check my guide on rooting android phone, this will help you.

Step 5: Once all the above steps are completed, restart your smartphone and see whether ads are blocked or not.Most of the ads will be removed with this trick, but it still needs some improvements. We will add some more websites to this list in future.

Block ads on Android apps, games and browsers using Adblock plus for Android

This is a simple and useful method to block ads but you require to do some configurations. You can download adblock plus for android using the below link.

If your android mobile is rooted, then install this app with superuser permissions, then it'l work effectively. If your android device is not rooted, then you need to additional configurations like manual proxy setting. You check those configuration details from adblock plus website. (Settings for Non Rooted Android Samrtphones)

Block Ads on Websites with Adblock Plus Firefox Extension

If the above explained process seem tedious for you, you can use Firefox extension to blcok ads on websites only. For that you need to download adblock plus extension for Firefox using below link.

After installing this extension, just restart your browser and check ads are appearing or not.

These are the working methods to block ads on websites and android apps, games. If you have any problem while installing this app feel free to comment below.


How to Download Play Store apps on PC without any software

Everyone knows about android operating system as it is widely used by most of the  smartphone users and it is leading Operating System in mobile market as of now.  One of the main reason for Android OS to become popular is because it is a free  operating system and allows users to access file system and also due to the  availability of large number of apps and games.

All the users are familiar about downloading and installing apps in their android devices (from Google Play store) but what if you want to download and  install apps on your PC (Computer)?
Is it really possible to download android apps and to run them on PC? Yes  it is possible. If you want to know how is it done, then keep reading..

Some websites provide the .apk files but we cant trust those files  because, they might modify them and can attach some virus or malware to that file,  so if you want to install play store apps on your PC then follow below mentioned  steps.

How to Download Play Store Apps on PC?

You can find many website that provide android apps for PC but most of the users  only trust Google Play store. That's the reason we want to provide one useful  website to our viewers, to download and install android apps from Google Play store.

Step 1: Go to http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ to download the apk files  directly from Google Play store without doing any modification to the file. 

Step 2: This website has a simple interface and all you need to do is to enter the  package name or Google Play URL in the text box provided.

Step 3: To know about the package name of an android app, go to Google Play store  and search for the app which you want to download.

For example, Suppose I want to download Whatsapp messaging app. So search for  whatsapp in Google Play store.

Step 4: You can get the package name from the address bar. Every package starts  with com. It's displayed in the URL as shown below.
Step 5: Now you should copy com.whatsapp, or else you can copy the entire URL of  the app and paste it in the apk downloader website.

Step 6: Once it is done, click on Generate Download Link button to download the  app on your PC.

Note: Before proceeding to download, check all the details of the app. Once it is  done, you can click on the Download button to download any android app on your PC.

You can download these android apps from your Google Chrome browser also, to do this, you need to install APK Downloader chrome extension. After installing the APK Downloaded chrome extension, you need to give details like your device id, Google Play store log in details.

How to Get Devic ID of Android Mobile?

 - To know your android mobile id you need to try *#*#8255#*#* from dial-er.

 - If you want to know the device id of your android tablet, then this method does not work, to know the device id of your android tablet, you need to install Device ID android app.


Note: Before downloading the android apps using APK Downloader chrome extension, please read the below  guide.

If you have any problem in using this trick, you can leave a comment below, we'll help you.


How to Find Stolen/Lost Android Mobile using Android Device Manager

Now a days many people are using smartphones and the major share of smartphones run on Android.If you have lost your android device no need to panic because now you can find your lost, stolen and misplaced Android smartphones(mobiles) and android devices easily. You can find your lost android mobile without installing any apps.You can find your lost android devices by just using Android device Manager.

Android device manager:

Android device manager is automatically installed on your mobile or android device, when you access Google Play from your device for the first time.Hence there is no need for you to install any third party apps.Most of the people who lost their android devices in which no tracking app is installed in that device,might loose all hopes on their device, but Android Device Manager would really be helpful for those people.

Advantages of Android device Manager

- Device owner can erase the data in the device from anywhere.
- It helps you to trace your lost device
- Allows you to lock your device from anywhere.
- You can find your miplaced mobile or tab.

How to use Android Device Manager to track lost device?

Step 1: Navigate to security under the settings tab and move to device administrator. Tap on it and activate it if it is off.

Step 2: Go to Google Play Store. Click on the Gear icon at the top right side as shown below.

Step 3: Click on Android Device Manager.

Step 4: Once you click on the Android device manager, it would find the mobile (android device) with which it was associated. Once the lost device is found, it will show your phone location in Google Maps and it also indicates the distance between your mobile(phone) and you(from where you accessed the Google Play Store).

You can perform 3 Options:

1. Ring: If you select(tap) on the Ring option, then your device will start ringing even though it is silent.

Note: This feature will not work if you phone(device) is switched off.

2. Lock: Selecting Lock option, allows you to lock your device and you can get a new password to access your device again.

3. Erase: Selecting Erase option allows you to delete total data from your device automatically.

Note: If you select erase option, all the data including Android Device Manager would be erased and hence you cannot use it again.

I hope this was useful for all the Android lovers. So don't forget to share this! Leave a comment below, if you have any problem in using Android Device Manager.


Top 10 Best Rated Free iPhone Apps of 2014

In the previous post we have discussed about the best music apps that are available in Apple Store.Here, in this article we present you the Top 10 Best Rated apps that are available in the Apple Store for free,which you might be missed to install in your iPhone.

Best Rated Free iPhone Apps

Bill Guard:

Bill Guard is a free app that allows you to manage and track all your financial statements easily. Once you have this app in your iPhone, there is no need for you to worry about your credit card statements.There is no other app available in the Apple store that provides sucha useful service.It is a must install app for all the business people. 

DOWNLOAD | Bill Guard


EasilyDo app is like your personal assistant.This app can be connected to all the services running on your iPhone like email,calender,Facebook etc, it looks for all the tasks that are to be done and it will do it on your behalf.
For example, you can schedule a birthday post on one of your friend's facebook timeline and EasilyDo will complete the task at the scheduled time on behalf of you. It is an awesome app that saves your time. It is available in Apple Store for free. 


Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone is a must install app for all the iPhone users. It comes in handy when you forget your iPhone placing it some where. It is very easy to set up a free account and you can locate your iPhone within few seconds.It is a free app.

DOWNLOAD | Find My iPhone

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express is also a free app that enables you to edit your favorite pics right away from your iPhone/iPad itself, as shown above.

Around Me:

Around Me is another free app that allows you to find local places like bars,restaurants,hospitals,banks etc around you.This app uses Google Maps for its results.Around Me is a perfect app for travelers.

DOWNLOAD | Around Me


Wikipanion is also a free app.Its like a wikipedia for your iPad or iPhone,it works good on your iPhone but it is a dedicated Wiki mobile app for your mobile.

DOWNLOAD | Wikipanion

Run Keeper:

Run Keeper is another free app that keep track of your jogging and cycling routes,amount of calories burned etc. It is a recommended app for the people who like to be fit and healthy.

DOWNLOAD | Run Keeper


Shazam is one of the music apps that can listen for a music clip playing and it can search and tell you which music track is being played.The results of Shazam may not be correct all the time but it's worth a download.This app is available in Apple Store for free.



OoVoo is another free app that allows you to make voice calls,video calls,group calls and IM. It is available on major platforms like iOS,Windows,Android. This a best app for the people who love to stick with their buddies.


Pocket App:

Pocket App is also called as Read it Later, which allows to save you favourite webpages so that you can read them later. It does not save the advertisements on those webpages. This app is available for free in Apple Store.  

DOWNLOAD | Pocket App