Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps

As the word spreads about technology nowadays, most of the technical solutions to problems nowadays are linked to software application development. Mobile payment, yet another technological success, is linked to smart phone apps. As the competition proceeds, more and more apps are being presented in the market to associate the smart phones with easy and effective ways of transferring money via mobiles. The most famous 5 apps till date have been discussed below with a brief analysis of its cost and features.

Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps


On inserting into the port of a Smart Phone, Square is basically a card reader, through which a card is swiped for transaction services.

Features of Square App:

  • Operating System(s): iOS, Android
  • No charge-back, setup or ongoing fee.
  • Unlimited number of readers.
  • Charges 2.75 percent per every transaction.
  • Signatures of the customers can be taken right on the device screen.
  • Provision of receipts – both electronic and printed – with or without any tip.
  • For recording the transactions, with all other details of a purchase, a point-of-sale app, named Square Registered, can also be installed.

Intuit GoPayment

Similar to Square, Intuit GoPayment is also a card reading device that can be attached to a mobile device for billing purposes. It, however, also provides the consumers with an ability to look after and manage the business accounting with the help of QuickBooks and many other Intuit Point-of-Sale products for automatic synchronization of the transactions to the system.

Features of Intuit GoPayment App:

  • Operating System(s): iOS, Android
  • Instant processing of the transactions
  • Electronic receipts sent to customers via email or texts
  • Adjustable Cost – only 2.75 percent per transaction is charged in case of unitary transactions, otherwise, a fixed cost of $12.95 is charged per month along with 1.75 percent per transaction.


PaySimple is a similar solution but a bit more expensive than the earlier two, since it can accept the ACH and e-check payments, as well as send electronic invoices to the customers. It also enables the user to set up a record in case of recurring payments – like carpet cleaning, pest control; the types of transactions done after intervals repeatedly – along with the data of the customer.

Features of  PaySimple App:

  • Operating System: iOS
  • A fixed cost of $34.95 is charged monthly.
  • Per swipe charges are 2.39 percent.
  • Signatures can be done on the screen of the device.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here has a great advantage of its name, as PayPal has been in market for some time now and has gathered the trust of market. Along with the PayPal account services, it also accepts credit and debit cards and transfer of funds directly from the bank accounts.

Features of PayPal Here App:

  • Operating System(s): iOS, Android.
  • Immediate fund deposits.
  • No fee for subscription or cancellation
  • Every swipe transaction costs 2.7 percent

Pay Anywhere

Pay Anywhere, just like the other four apps, is a card reading device attached to the phone. It can store customer transaction record for unlimited number of accounts, rendering ease in tracking transaction history of any customer at any time. 

Features of Pay Anywhere App:

  • Operating system(s): iOS, Android.
  • No subscription charges.
  • Per transaction cost is 2.69 percent.
  • Along with electronic receipts, a photo of the customer followed by a brief description and details of the purchase is also sent.
  • Per transaction cost is scalable with respect to sale volume


CollegeDunia Honest Review

In class XII or pre-university each student starts thinking on admission to college, but after school life complete are mistaken in judging a particular course and college. It is not only headaches for students is also a big headache to their parents, because every parent wants to always give a better education in a good institution or University to their children because a good college or institution will lead to better education that can help you achieve success in the career of their children. So it is very important for parents to choose the best university or institution and best course for their children.

So if you are confused which College is right for you then visit or tell your father to visit CollegeDunia. CollegeDunia.com is the one stop destination for all students and parents to get all the information you need related to Indian college.

What is CollegeDunia?

CollegeDunia is an educational portal filled with information about their courses, institution and college. Is a search engine for students, parents and education professionals to obtain all the information on the Centre of higher education in India and abroad.

Why choose Collegedunia.com

Now a question may think that "why should I choose Collegedunia"? Let's see then why you should choose this site

  • Easy to use and well organized
  • Filter the information for every need.
  • Detailed information on all colleges and universities.
  • Latest news regarding any changes and examination result.
  • Inventory of 20,000 6000 colleges and courses and expansion.

Features of CollegeDunia

We see some good features on this portal.

Easy to use, well organized and filtered information

Once you visit collegedunia, you can realize how user friendly and well organized is this site. Has different tab for all the different courses such as Management, engineering, Medical, arts, Sciences, business and law so that students from the different flow easily choose their courses.

If you don't want to go far from your residential area for higher education? If the fee is a problem for your family? Don't worry about College Dunia is here to help. It provide filter to separate colleges and universities according to your needs. Built inside the filter, faculty list, range, compare with others and pick the best one.

Complete Information on Univ/College.

This site is packed full of detailed information on colleges and universities. They provide complete details of each college or University.

Information such as location, description, reviews, tax structure, address, Email, contact number, website, photos, Top Recruiter, average position, University approval, hostel booking site and available courses at Bachelor, masters and higher level and also detail the Faculty between their names and qualification. This means that all information at single place.

You can apply to your preferred college online through this site, but you have to create an account which takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

Educational news and Examination results

It is another great feature for all students, for the latest news and examination result you don't need to go anywhere because this site also provide latest news related to the education and examination results. News like what changes in the procedure of admission, recent news on the education system, changes in the examination procedure, criteria, fees and other things. You can subscribe for free to get additional functionality regarding the short list, tax structure and important deadlines.


Collegedunia provide right information about each and every college in India so before taking admission blindly, visit collegedunia and choose the best college which is most suitable for you. Still if you have any doubts regarding colleges then contact with their counselor and ask your doubts.


How to Increase Internet Speed using Connectify Dispatch

Now a days everyone wants fast access to internet. People really get frustrated when they have very low internet speeds. Recently we got mails from our viewers to provide a solution to increase internet speed so in response to their mails, I'm coming up with this article that will help you to increase internet speed.

In this article I'l show you how to increase internet speed by using Connectify Dispatch. Connectify developed a superb tool which allows you to combine all the internet connections that are available on your computer. By combining the internet connections you can increase internet speed without any interruptions. (You will get interruption in internet connection when you use a wireless connections. By using connectify Dispatch, you can solve that problem also by connection it to a wired internet connection). 

This is very interesting right? Lets get started!

How to Increase internet speed using Connectify Dispatch

How to combine Internet connections with Connectify Dispatch

Step 1: Download Connectify Dispatch (download link is available below)

Step 2: Connectify Dispatch is available in both free and premium versions.Select any verison you like and download it. In this article I'm using a premium version.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, install it on your computer.

Step 4: Now, connect all the internet connections that you want to combine.

Step 5: Once all the internet connections are connected to your computer, run the Connectify Dispatch.

For the demonstration purpose, I have connected my Broadband connection (3 MBPS) and mobile connection ((3G) 2 MBPS).

When we combine the above two internet connections, the overall internet speed should be around 5 MBPS,but Connectify is showing me the 9.95 as the overall internet speed!!. (Even i don't know how this came :D). But I used to get internet speed some where around 10 MBPS during less traffic times i.e. during nights from my ISP network.

Step 6: Click on Start Dispatch to allow Connectify Dispatch to start combining the provided internet connections and to increase the internet speed as shown below.

That's it! Now you can experience the increased internet speed.

MUST CHECK: Increase Internet Speed in Android devices

NOTE: Even after performing the above steps, if you don't see any changes in the internet speed, then check settings as shown below.

Features in Connectify Dispatch tool

- You can set also limit to the amount of data used by the computer from a given connection as shown below.

- You can assign a particular internet connection to be used by particular applications by clicking on the Smart Loading as shown below.

- This is my favorite feature in Connectify Dispatch. You can share the combined internet connection over WiFi Hotspot using the Connectify HotSpot.

If you find any issues while increasing your internet connection speed, you can contact me :) 


How to create Multiple Whatsapp accounts on Android Smartphone

We know that the messaging service WhatsApp is more common among phones. It allows users to share pictures, videos, music and so on. Even the latest version of Android also supports audio messaging. At the moment there are more than 200 million active users on WhatsApp that delivers more than 20 billion messages worldwide. Although other messaging chat available, users prefer WhatsApp  due to its simplicity and the instant messaging service. 

But you might have faced the problem can not use more than one account on the mobile WhatsApp. Users of Dual SIM always want to use two different accounts on their mobile phone. At first it was very difficult, but now you can with the help of multiple accounts SwitchMe App. Single SIM users can also use this application to use multiple accounts.

Steps to create Multiple Whatsapp accounts on Android Smartphone 

Step 1: Your Android Smartphone must be rooted and it should contain SuperSU installed (because  we'll be using it later)

Note: Your Android Smartphone should be rooted to follow this tutorial.

Step 2: Install Whatsapp Application on your smartphone. Skip this step, if whatsapp is already installed.

Step 3: Install SwitchMe Multiple Accounts on your smartphone. Once it is installed it successfully, Launch it.

Step 4: Now, SwitchMe will ask Superuser permission. Tap on the Grant Button, to allow the superuser permission.

Step 5: A warning message would be displayed saying "incorrect use of this application may harm your device". Ignore the message and tap on "Close" button to continue.

Step 6: Create 2 different user profiles so that you can use multiple whatsapp accounts. For that, click on "Create Profile"

Step 7: Provide a name for your profile and click on OK

Step 8: Once the 1st profile is created, repeat the same step to create another profile. Now your SwitchMe app contains two profiles as shown:

Note: The profile that is created first would be the primary account (default) and the next profile would be secondary account.

If you have installed any application like whatsapp in the primary account(default) then that app would be available only to primary account. i.e. it will not be available to the secondary account. If you want whatsapp account on secondary account, then you have to install it again.

Step 9: Now try to switch the accounts in SwitchMe Multiple Accounts application. i.e. simply tap on Secondary Account to switch between accounts.

Step 10: Your Smartphone will restart automatically. Once it is restarted, open Google Play Store and again install Whatsapp messenger on the secondary account.

Step 11: Once the Whatsapp is installed on secondary account, open and complete the registration process.

That's it! Now you can use multiple whatsapp accounts on your android smartphone.


[Guide] How to perform Mac Drive Cloning

We have written many articles related to Mac. In this article we'l show you how to perform mac drive cloning.

Hard drive cloning is a well-known method to back up all data at once, and the backup is termed the bootable backup of the Mac. Well, the process actually is quite hard to perform and there is a huge risk of data loss while copying the system files and installed applications from the source drive to the destination drive. In contrast, the process is quite faster, efficient, and productive as compared to backing up the crucial files manually on the individual basis.

How to perform Mac Drive Cloning

Well, the process of Mac drive cloning on to a secondary drive requires certain criteria to be satisfied with no failure. Accordingly, the user must have a Mac drive-cloning tool and a secondary drive with the size equal to or greater than that of the primary drive (i.e. Mac drive). Remember, in case the secondary drive is brand new (or it has not been used with Mac yet), it has to be formatted with the Mac file system at the very first step of the process. For this, you can also use Mac inbuilt Disk Utility, or a Mac partition manager to simplify Mac drive cloning process. To format the secondary drive with the Mac file system using ‘Disk Utility’, you need to track the following steps:

Step 1: Hook up the secondary drive to the Mac with a USB data cable when it is running, in case it is an external drive. Otherwise, install this drive on the Mac with a SATA to USB cable, and then turn on the Mac.

Step 2: The sooner the Mac detects this drive, Disk Insertion message pops up, saying, “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” Click the Initialize button to start formatting it.

Step 3: Clicking the Initialize button launches Disk Utility, afterwards select the secondary drive at the left and go to the Erase tab at the right.

Step 4: In the Volume Format drop-down menu, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and specify a name for this drive in the Name field.

Step 5: Click the Erase button to start formatting this drive.

After formatting the secondary drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), user can now proceed to clone Mac drive on it. In this post, the drive we are going to clone (i.e. the primary drive) has only one partition (i.e. the boot volume). If your Mac drive has multiple partitions, then partition the secondary drive into its equal number of partitions. In this regard, track the following steps:

Important: You can see the formatted secondary drive mounted on desktop, which you have to partition into required number of partitions.

Step 1: Highlight the secondary drive in the left pane of Disk Utility and then click the Partition tab at the right.

Step 2: Under the graphical view of the hard drive, click the Options button and choose a Partition Map Scheme for this drive, and then click OK.

Important: Choose GUID Partition Table on your Intel-based Mac, or Apple Partition Map on PowerPC-based Mac.

Step 3: Now, click the Volume Scheme drop-down menu and select the number of partitions to create.
(For Instance, choose ‘3 Partitions’ to split the hard drive into three partitions of equal size. You can resize them later.)

Step 4: After that, select one partition and update its properties under Volume Information area:
a. In the Name field, type a name for the selected volume.
b. In the Format menu, choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
c. In the Size field, specify the size (in GBs) of the volume if you want to resize it.

Step 5: Now, repeat the step IV for other newly created volumes.

(Important: In case you want to install Windows on any of these volumes, choose MS-DOS (FAT) as the format of the particular volume.)

Step 6: Finally, click the Apply button to save them.

Based upon the number of partitions you choose to create on the secondary drive, Disk Utility takes a while to end up partitioning it successfully. After that, you can begin with Mac drive cloning process. Since Mac drive cloning process copies the boot volume as well, you have to boot the Mac from a secondary bootable media. In this regard, boot you Mac Lion, Mountain Lion, or Mavericks from Recovery HD. For earlier versions of Mac OS X, users require a bootable disc.

Booting Mac from Recovery HD

Restart the Mac and hold down the ‘Command + R’ keys until the Apple logo appears. Once it reaches the desktop, you should see OS X menu and a Mac OS X Utilities window. In this window, launch Disk Utility.

Booting Mac from Bootable Disc

Insert Mac bootable disc and restart it, and then hold down the C key to boot from it. In the Mac OS X Utilities window, launch Disk Utility.

As mentioned earlier, we consider the Mac drive has only one partition (i.e. the boot partition), which means that the process describes the steps to copy Mac applications and the system files. If you want to copy the boot volume only, then you can skip the steps to partition the secondary drive, and directly proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: In the left pane of Disk Utility, highlight the Mac drive and go to the Restore tab at the right.

Step 2: Now, drag the Mac drive to the right and drop it in the Source field if it is not already shown there.

Step 3: Likewise, drag the secondary drive from the left pane to the right and drop it in the Destination field.

Step 4: Make sure the selected drives are correct and click the Restore button.

The time elapsed in copying Mac boot volume varies with the number of applications installed on it. Once the process ends up, exit Disk Utility (eject the boot disc if booted from it), and start the Mac normally. To boot from the clone drive, hold down the Option key when Mac is booting and choose clone drive.

Author Bio
Donald Kepler has a passion to write tips & tricks for backing up Mac by cloning Mac HDD, imaging Mac drive etc.